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Club History

Ford's Model A
  • The founding members Mr. Rockfort Henry Sperling, manager of the Celanese factory in Drummondville, Mr. Charles Francis Beran, chief engineer and Mr. Robert Craig, chief accountant decided to encourage and make accessible various sports activities including hockey. , tennis, football, baseball and swimming, and form the "Celanese Sports Club Incorporated"
  • Duke Ellington performs for the first time at the Cotton Club in Harlem (New York)
  • In Toronto, Nova Scotia (Macneill) wins the first edition of the Brier, which will be called Brier Macdonald until 1979
  • New York Yankees win World Series over Pittsburgh Pirates in 4
  • Ford begins a second wave of Model A production and will sell 50,000 copies


  • The club obtains additional letters patent in the name of "Sports Club of Canadian Celanese Incorporated"
  • To her own astonishment, La Bolduc, an amateur musician, becomes a recording star
  • Howie Morenz is the best scorer (33 goals and 18 assists) for the Montreal Canadiens, which leads the Maroons and the Senators in the standings
  • Manitoba (Hudson) wins the second edition of the Brier MacDonald, still held in Toronto

Edith Piaf
  • The Curling facilities were built for $2,100 by Mr. Archambault, a local contractor (35). We therefore consider the date of 1935 as the founding date of the club, which makes it one of the oldest in Quebec.
  • Mr. Austin Lloyd is the first President of the Curling Section. There are 66 members and
    annual membership is set at $2.
  • Elvis is born (35) while the kid Piaf begins (36)
  • Léo Dandurand sells the Montreal Canadiens for $165,000 (35)
  • World War II breaks out in Europe (39)

The liner Athenia, 1943
  • Annual membership fee increases to $3
  • In 1943, the club ordered curling stones directly from Scotland, but unfortunately
    they sank with the ship "Athenia"
  • At that time, Alys Robi was at the peak of her career
  • Chevrolet ¼ ton truck costs $720 (40) and Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese (41)
  • This will be the Normandy landings in June 1944
  • The Brier MacDonald is held for the first time outside of Toronto, in Winnipeg (40)
    Its presentation will however be suspended for three years due to the war (43-45)

Curling Stone by Tam Samson, 1890
  • In 1945, the fire stones weighing 64 pounds are replaced by granite stones of 42 pounds
  • Artificial ice was installed in the summer of 1948 at a cost of $10,800 and the Club now had 120 members.
  • On December 21, 1948, the very day before the opening of the season, a fire totally destroyed the Curling Club. It was not until the following fall that activities resumed, in a brand new and even better equipped building.
  • Maurice Richard scores 50 goals in 50 games (44-45 season)
  • The war finally ends (45) and Léo Dandurand founds the Alouettes (46)
  • The Fleurdelisé becomes the official flag of Quebec (48)
  • Louis Saint-Laurent succeeds Mackenzie King (48). It's the asbestos strike in Asbestos (49)
The Plouffe family, 1952
  • In 1952, probably occurs the initial entry of women as players. There was the Business Girls, whose Monday night league was made up of working women, imagine, and whose waiting list was over twenty players. In addition, those who were called Ladies, because housewives, held their weekly parties on Tuesday afternoons.
  • 800 Associated Textile workers, paid 67 cents an hour, are asking for a 20 cent raise while the employer is offering 8.5 cents. They will get 12 cents (53).
  • Radio-Canada television makes its appearance in Quebec homes (52). The famous series The Plouffe family is extremely popular. One of his characters is at the origin of the famous line "There is no place anywhere for all the Ovide Plouffe of the whole world, sniff!"
Maurice Richard, with his legendary passion
  • Austin Lloyd is still President of the Club
  • On March 17, 1955, St. Patrick's Day, there was a riot at the Forum, when Clarence Campbell showed up there after suspending Maurice Richard for the rest of the playoffs. The game is conceded to the Red Wings.
  • The Canadian won the Stanley Cup for five consecutive seasons (56-60), an active record
  • Duplessis won his last election (56)
  • First victory at the Brier for the Richardson quartet (Ernie, Arnold, Garnet, Wes) which is also held in Quebec City (59)

The Richardson Quartet, 1959

  • Frank A. Parker becomes the Club's second president. He succeeds Austin Lloyd, who reigned for nearly 18 years.
  • In 1961, the club became a licensed establishment
  • In Montreal, Metropolitan Boulevard (60) is inaugurated
  • Lesage is sworn (60) and is published "Les Insolences du Frère Untel" (60)
  • At the Brier Macdonald, the Richardsons do it again to accumulate 4 titles (60, 62 and 64)
  • Hospitalization insurance comes into effect (61) and construction of the Montreal metro begins (62)
  • First Youth Today Show (62)
  • Stands the legendary Lac-à-l'Épaule de Lesage (62) and the FLQ commits its first attack (63)
  • Paul VI becomes Pope (63) and Paul-Gérin Lajoie the first Minister of Education of Quebec (64)
  • Pierre Péladeau founds the Journal de Montréal (64)

John and Yoko at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel
in Montreal, 1969
  • René Lefebvre (66), Don Mallette (68) and Clifford Macdonald are presidents at the time
  • Creation of the Régie des Rentes du Québec and the Caisse de depot et de placement (65)
  • 14 municipalities on Île Jésus become Laval (65)
  • Radio-Canada television begins to broadcast color programs (66)
  • Foundation of the Journal of Quebec (67)
  • Inauguration of the Hippolyte Lafontaine bridge-tunnel and holding of Expo 67
  • De Gaulle lands (67). The Camaro costs $3,000 (67)
  • Trudeau becomes Prime Minister of Canada (68). Minimum wage goes from $1.05 to $1.25 (68)
  • Premiere of the play "Les belles-soeurs" (68) by Michel Tremblay
  • First Formula 1 Grand Prix in St-Jovite (68) and inaugural Expos game at Parc Jarry (69)
  • Bed-in in Montreal by John and Yoko and general strike by Montreal police and firefighters (69)
  • Apollo XI with Neil Armstrong and Bus Aldrin set foot on the moon (69)
Club Celanese after expansion 1974
  • Henri Bouchard, Clare Horan, Robert Johnston, Jule Forest and Robert Joly succeeded each other as president during these five years
  • On February 22, 1971, the roof collapsed on the ice. The attendant, Mr. Bruno Turcotte, narrowly escaped
  • The 1972-73 season saw the emergence of the Industrial League, instituted by Serge Laplante, whose intention was that each of the teams bring together players from the same sponsoring company. This league has 12 to 16 teams annually and is still active today.
  • Until then strictly reserved for the high-ranking people of the Celanese residing in the prestigious Carré Celanese, the tennis courts, in clay, are becoming more accessible. Activities will peak at a roster of 120 members and a legendary waiting period (72)
  • A major expansion of the club is carried out during the summer season of 1974
  • In May 1977, the club acquired a refrigeration system with a capacity of 30 tons
  • The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) abducts James Cross, British attaché, as well as Pierre Laporte, Quebec labor minister, during what will since be called "the October crisis" (70)
  • The Bruins win the Stanley Cup and Joe Frazier retains his title by beating Jimmy Ellis (70)
  • Canada wins the Series of the Century against Russia and the Edmonton Oilers are created (72)
  • Resignation of Richard Nixon after the very long saga related to Watergate (74)
The Jim Ursell Quartet 1977
  • Jean-Paul Galaise, René Lefebvre and Roger Simard were in turn presidents during these years
  • In 1983 the club had some 400 members in curling, tennis and social
  • The Club de Golf et Curling de Drummondville, located in the lower part of town, ceased its curling activities in 1978. Because of this event, many players took their shoes to Club Celanese in anticipation of the following season. This somewhat involuntary merger nevertheless made it possible to considerably increase the membership of our club, while provoking, for many years, a certain competitiveness between the alumni of the two organizations.
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Montreal and gymnast Nadia Comaneci is unquestionably the dominant athlete, scoring the first perfect score in history (76)
  • On November 15, 1976, the Parti Québécois elected 71 deputies to form the government. René Lévesque launches his famous: "I never thought that I could be so proud to be Quebecers"
  • What a surprise at the Brier MacDonald held in Montreal; a first championship for Quebec thanks to Jim Ursel, Art Lobel, Don Aitken and Brian Ross (77)
  • In 1976-77, the Canadian set a record, still valid, by losing only eight games during a season of 80 and winning four consecutive Stanley Cups at the end of the years (76-79)


Team USA, Lake Placid win gold, 1980

  • Jacques Letarte, Daniel Jutras and Roger Bourque are the presidents of this time
  • Repair of the mirror ceiling
  • The Brier finds itself a brand sponsor and will now be called Brier Labatt (80)
  • America is experiencing its worst recession (80)
  • In 1980, the automobile manufacturer Chrysler was saved from bankruptcy only by the financial aid of the federal government, hey, hey!
  • Players Peter and Anton Stastny join the Nordiques after fleeing Czechoslovakia (80)
  • Miracle in Lake Placid for the USA men's hockey team, which defeats the Soviets and wins the gold medal game at the Winter Olympics (80)
  • Joe Louis is consecrated Boxer of the Century in 1981
  • On May 8, 1982, death of Gilles Villeneuve, in an accident at the Zolder Grand Prix in Belgium
  • The New York Islanders reissue the record of 4 consecutive Stanley Cups (80-83), stopped by the Oilers who will win the next two (83-84)

1985-1989 Author of a perfect end, the team of mustachioed captain Paul Bédard, with Denise Bolduc, Francine Crépeau and
Richard Bolduc. They are accompanied by
President Guy Crépeau and Jacques Letarte 1985
  • Guy Crépeau, Denis Mailhot, Gilles Blanchette, Bob Dion are the presidents of the time
  • André Gauthier and Richard Beaulieu founded the "league of municipal employees" whose games would be played on Sundays until the activities merged with those of the Business Girls some three or four years later. Since then, games have always been held on Mondays. They have involved, over time, players from the municipal, federal, health and Hydro-Quebec sectors. In recent years, despite having further expanded its clientele, this league, which is now called the Mechant Mondays, has a large annual waiting list.
  • Captain Paul Bédard, of Club Celanese, hits a perfect end. This honor earned him an Eight Ender brush, which he had to replace on many occasions, due to his hot temper. May God bless the soul of our friend Paul, who died prematurely in 2009
  • Rookie Patrick Roy makes some absolutely incredible saves and leads the Canadiens to a completely unexpected cut. Jean Perron begins his series of "Perronisms" (86)
  • Edmonton Oilers win next two Stanley Cups (87-88)
  • Space shuttle Challenger explodes after 73 seconds of liftoff (86)
  • On November 1, 1987, the death of René Lévesque created deep sadness across Quebec
  • Protests in Tian'anmen Square in China (89). Video footage from the event shows a reckless student braving Chinese army tanks

The famous
confrontation scene in Oka, 1990
  • Gilles Blanchette and Bob Dion succeeded each other as president during this period
  • Rehabilitation of the steel wall of the Curling rinks
  • In the 1993-94 season, the three-stone protected guard zone principle was adopted
  • Creation of the Bloc Québécois by Lucien Bouchard and failure of the Meech Lake Accord (90)
  • It is the crisis of Oka (Kanesatake) which then extends to Kahnawake and the Mercier bridge (90)
  • Éric Lindros refuses to play in Quebec and the Penguins win their first Stanley Cup (91)
  • Inauguration of the Casino de Montreal (93)
  • Minimum wage increases to $6.00 (94)

December 2, 1995, when the Red Wings lead 9-1 and Patrick leaves the ice: the confrontation
  • Gilles Blanchette is the president of the club. Claude Bergeron takes over in June 1999
  • Upsurge in training activities given the high number of juniors
  • Original owner of the club and sole funder since its creation, the company Celanese announces its permanent closure and casts a shadow of uncertainty over all curling activities (99)
  • Minimum wage is $6.45 (95)
  • Jean Chrétien announces a cabinet reshuffle and two recruits enter his government: Stéphane Dion and Pierre Pettigrew (95)
  • Patrick Roy, frustrated, asks Ronald Corey for a trade and is traded a few days later to Colorado (95)
  • On March 11, 1996, the Montreal Canadiens played their last game at the Forum
  • Jacques Villeneuve wins the European Grand Prix in Formula 1 (96)
  • Eaton's declares bankruptcy and permanently closes its doors (99)

Author of an end of eight in 2004 during the closing tournament, the quartet of captain Mario Grenier, 3rd Charles Beaulieu-Michel. 2nd Gilles Chapdelaine, 1st Denis Forcier
  • Under the leadership of President Claude Bergeron, his acolyte Paul Boulay and the members of the CA at the time, the Club's Charter was amended to allow the acquisition and operation of "Club Sportif Celanese Inc." This is undoubtedly a milestone for the club, especially as it comes with the new millennium
  • An era of major renovations begins with:
    • replacement of the cooling liquid piping under the windows (2000);
    • the resurfacing of stones (2001);
    • the installation of dehumidifiers recovered from the Olympia Yvan Cournoyer (2002)
    • roof covering.
  • The teams of captains Serge Marchand and Mario Grenier both achieved an eight end during the year 2004. The first in a game of the league on Monday, the second in the first game of the closing tournament of the club.
  • Because Canadian champions must adapt to a different safe guard zone at world championships, the Canadian Curling Association adopted the four-stone rule in 2002-03. The club did the same, the same year.
  • We realize that the year 2000 bug never produced any of the expected negative effects
  • The Caisse de depot et placement now has assets of $100 billion (2000)
  • Maurice "Mom" Boucher is found guilty of murders (2002)
  • Judge John Gomery, will be in charge of the investigation into the sponsorship scandal (2004)


Winner of the
2008 Canadian Junior Championship, the
Quebec quartet of
captain William Dion,
3rd Jean-Michel Arsenault,
2nd Erik Lachance,
1st Miguel Bernard,
(not pictured), 5th player Alexandre Gautier-Morissette

Winners of the 2006 Brier, in Regina, captain Jean-Michel Ménard, 3rd François Roberge, 2nd Éric Sylvain;
1st Maxime Elmaleh;
(not pictured)
5th player Jean Gagnon

    • Claude Bergeron is still the president of the club
    • The "Club Sportif Celanese Inc." continues its momentum, with an always constant number of members and dynamic Curling and Tennis activities all week long
    • The series of improvements continues with:
      • the creation of the website (2005)
      • a new refrigeration system (compressor, chiller, brine pump) (2006);
      • the installation of a new electrical system (2006);
      • the purchase of an electric ice resurfacing machine (2006);
      • interior renovation (plaster, paint, moldings) (2008);
      • installation of a DELTA system to manage temperature, % humidity, heating (2008);
      • repairing the dance floor (2009)

  • Ice cream is reserved on an ongoing basis for school programs at Collège Saint-Bernard, Jean-Raimbault school, Marie-Rivier high school and l'Avenir school
  • An absolutely remarkable fact, our junior men's team, which in 2007 won the Quebec championship, before losing in the semi-finals of the national junior championship, recovered in a good way in 2008 by winning the junior championship canadian
  • At the world championships in Sweden, the Dion team also stood out by winning the bronze medal
  • Other highlights in 2008, the ends of eight of Anne Hardy's team, made at Club Sportif Celanese and of Yvon "Bill" Autotte's team, made during the Sorel tournament
  • Team Ménard, from Quebec City, won the Canadian Curling Championship by beating Glen Howard in the final (2006). This is only the second Quebec victory of this famous edition. The team then secured the silver medal at the world championships in Lowell (USA)
  • Hockey player Danielle Goyette is Canada's flag bearer at the inauguration of the Turin Olympics (2006)
  • André Boisclair announces his resignation as leader of the Parti Québécois (2007)
  • The Caisse de depot et placement announces an overall loss of $39.8 billion for 2008, the worst performance in its history (2009)


The club bar front view

  • The Club Sportif Celanese is a truly special place, in the heart of Carré Celanese in Drummondville. Its people are welcoming, dynamic, proud of traditions and particularly involved. Oh yes, we also play curling, tennis and cards. And we also like to play tricks on it on occasion. Come check it out !

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